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The Sydney Glass Island is a magnificent venue for dining & celebrations, well suited to host corporate functions, Christmas parties, entertaining overseas guests & government dignitaries, corporate clients or hosting private celebratory functions for up to 350 guests.

Be captivated by breathtaking harbour views whilst cruising the greatest setting in the world, Sydney Harbour. Your guests, especially interstate and overseas, will be dazzled by the true 360 degree, 3 metre high glass wall encased views, an intimate bar area below deck & a large upper alfresco style deck. Take advantage of our upper deck overlooking spectacular & magical views to ensure you and your guests the most unique experience one may desire. Sydney Glass Island luxury features include an 18th century buffet, Chandeliers, French antique iron stand for floral displays & silk velvet walls.

The Sydney Glass Island is available for both daytime and evening hire, Sydney Harbour is exciting by day and stunning by night.


Cocktail – 75 to 350 Guests
Buffet – 75 to 210 Guests
Formal – 75 to 210 Guests

Special Features
360 degree, 3 metre high glass wall encased views
Intimate bar area below deck
large upper alfresco style deck
18th century buffet, Chandeliers
French antique iron stand for floral displays &  silk velvet walls
Thermal heating or airconditioning depending on the season
Cordless PA and sound system
Personal Cruise Director for your Event


Vessel Hire 2019

January – March, September to October
Minimum 120 Guests
Minimum 4 hour charter – POA

November – December
Minimum 120 adult guests Thursday evenings
Minimum 150 adult guests, Friday and Saturday evenings
Minimum 4 hour charter – POA

Public holiday surcharges apply.

The Sydney Glass Island caters for from 75 to 350 guests depending on the style of function, formal or informal. We recommend you send your invites out relatively early with a firm R.S.V.P. Invites to include time of charter, pick-up and discharge wharf, type of food and beverages to be served and dress code.

We allow final charter guest numbers to drop by 10% from those nominated when the booking is confirmed (excepting where there are specified minimums such as Friday and Saturday nights in December etc). Any reduction in guest numbers below this level has to be paid for.

Final guest numbers have to be specified 15 days prior to the charter.

A surcharge to apply for numbers less than 75

Cruising Configuration
Due to the stability of the Sydney Glass Island we can cruise if required whilst the meal is being
consumed or we can anchor in a quiet, picturesque cove, the choice is yours. We can cruise virtually where ever you want on Sydney Harbour. The vessel travels at between 5 and 8 knots and tends to gravitate around the Anzac Bridge, Darling Harbour, and The Harbour Bridge. Opera House, Lady Macquarie’s chair, Woolloomooloo, Rushcutter’s Bay, Mosman, Taronga Park Zoo but we can cruise wherever you want as arranged.  Our license does restrict us from leaving Sydney Harbour.

All menus are freshly prepared by a chef on-board. Tailored options are available on request

Canape Menu

Cruising Cocktail Menu
(Cocktail service is served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)

Standard Cocktails
Italian Pizzetta w/ Oven roasted Tomato & Fresh Pesto
Spinach & Ricotta Filo Triangles (Vegetarian)
Vegetable Samousas w/ Cumin Dipping Sauce (Vegetarian)
Selection of Gourmet Cocktail Pies
Japanese Nori Rolls served w/ Wasabi & Soy
Veal & Pork Balls w/ Spicy Salsa
Oven Baked Vegetable Spring Rolls w/ Sweet Chilli & Coriander (Vegetarian)
Tandoori Chicken Skewers w/ Mint Riata
Thai Fish Cakes w/ Cucumber Relish
Crudites topped w/ Homus or Babaganoush, Guacamole, Tomato Salsa & Salmon w/ Cream Cheese
Potato Pancake w/ Crème Fraiche & Chives (Vegetarian)
Veal Chipolatas w/ Smoked BBQ Sauce
Leek & Mushroom Frittata w/ Sundried Aioli (Vegetarian

Premium Cocktails
Peking Duck Pancakes w/ Hoi Sin & Shallots
Selection of Sushi & Sashimi Served w/ Pickled Ginger & Wasabi
Marinated Scallops
Fresh Rock Oysters w/ Lime Wedges
Ham Rarebits w/ Dill Pickle
Gravlax Tartlets w/ Dill Crème Fraiche
Cherry Tomato, Bocconcini & Basil Skewer (Vegetarian)
Tempura Fish Fillet w/ Lemon & Dill Mayo
Warm Chorizo on Crostini
Pumpkin Risotto Cake w/ Buffalo Mozzarella
Tartlets of Chicken w/ A Honey Glaze
Asparagus wraps with Prosciutto, Olive oil & balsamic Vinegar (Suitable for Celiac)
Chicken & Chorizo Skewers w/ olive oil & tomato Salsa (Suitable for Celiac)
Bononcini w/cherry tomatoes & olive oil (Suitable for Celiac)
Date & Walnut Pears w/cream cheese (Suitable for Celiac)
Dolmades (Suitable for Celiac & Vegetarian)

Platinum Cocktails
Potato Pancake w/ Seared Beef & Wasabi
Marinated Skewered King Prawn
Mini Australian Beef Burger w/ Bush tomato Relish
Blini Bites w/ Goats Cheese & Salmon Roe
African Lamb Cutlets w/ Chemoulla
Grilled Pear & Prosciutto on Wood fired Bread
Fresh Rock Oysters w/ Wild Limes & a Dash of Vodka
Seared Atlantic Salmon w/ Pickled Ginger leaf & Wasabi Cream
Frittata of Goats Cheese, Semi-Dried Tomato & Caramelised Onion (Vegetarian)
Falafel Balls with Humus Dipping Sauce
Freshly Percolated Coffee & Tea with After Dinner Chocolates

Cocktail Desserts
Chocolate Tart
Lemon Curd Tart
Pear Tart
Apple Tart
Mini Opera
Mini Chocolate Éclair
Cocktail Pavlova

We recommend you choose at least 3 vegetarian options and a variety of both hot and cold selections to cater for the variety of your guest dietary requirements while alscreating a diverse and enticing menu.
Depending on your function size approximately 8 to 12 selections are required.

High Tea & Breakfast Menu

High Tea Menu

Table Platters
(Table platters will be served to the guest tables)
The following selections have been based on x1 each of the following person

Cucumber, Dill, Crème finger sandwiches
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chive finger Sandwiches
Minim Homemade Lamb Sausage Rolls on Puff Pastry
Plain Scones with Cream & Strawberry Jam
Chocolate Brownie
Baked Cheese Cake
Pear & Almond Tart
Lemon Curd Tart

Breakfast Menu
(Table platters will be served to the guest tables)
The following selections have been based on x1 each of the following person

Cucumber, Dill, Crème finger sandwiches
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chive finger Sandwiches
Plain Scones with Cream & Strawberry Jam
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Vegetable, chorizo & Egg Frittata in a foil shell

Buffet Menus

Dinky Dye Bbq Style Buffet

Cocktails on Arrival
(Cocktail’s on arrival are served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)
Chef’s selection of taste sensations to tantalize your taste buds
Crudites topped with a selection of Humus or Babaganoush, Guacamole, Tomato Salsa & Smoked Salmon
Main Buffet
All Buffets served with Fresh Bread Rolls
Meat Selections
Char-grilled Chicken Breast served w/ a Tomato and Mushroom Sauce
Peppered Rump Steak
Selection of Gourmet Sausages w/ Condiments
Coconut & peanut aubergine curry served with rice (Vegetarian)
Premium Upgrade
$4.00pp per selection to replace from the above list
$8.00pp per selection in addition to the above list
Char-grilled Garlic King Prawns
Prosciutto wrapped Skewered Mussels w/ Honey glaze
Seared Atlantic Salmon with Fresh Herb-Lemon Butter
Lime, Coconut & Chilli Marinated Octopus & Calamari
Salad Selections
Selection of three salads
Pesto Pasta Salad of Fetta and Kumara
Mesculan Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Caesar Salad with fresh garlic croutons
Greek Salad with fresh shredded Basil
Thai Noodle Salad
Premium Salad Selection
$3.00pp to replace from the above list
Creamy Chat Potato Salad
Fruity Cous Cous
Baby Spinach with Roasted Pumpkin, Semi-dried Tomatoes & Fire-Roasted Capsicum
Rocket, Pear & Walnut Salad

Freshly Percolated Coffee & Tea with After Dinner Chocolates

Red Coral Buffet

Cocktails on Arrival
(Cocktail’s on arrival are served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)
Raw Tuna Spring Rolls w/ Lime and Soy
Variety of Japanese Nori Rolls w/ Wasabi & Soy
Sardine, chilli and coriander Bruchette
Smoked Chicken and Asparagus Pizzetta served w/ fire roasted capsicum Tapenade
Main Buffet
Asian style Whole poached Ocean Trout dressed in a chilli, mint and coriander Aioli
Herb crusted seasonal white fish fillet on a bed of rocket
King Prawns (unpeeled) with a hot blue salsa
Sydney Rock Oysters w/ raspberry vinaigrette and a dash of gin
Marinated Seared Chicken Breast with Hokkein Noodles & Thai Dressing
Pink-eye potatoes, Spanish onion and fresh herbs in red wine vinegar mayonnaise
Steamed carrots and refreshed green beans with a pink peppercorn dressing
Mediterranean Salad with fresh shaved Parmesan
Baskets of Fresh Bread Rolls
Cocktail Dessert
(Cocktail Dessert service is served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)
Mini Opera
Mini Chocolate Éclair
Cocktail Pavlova

Freshly Percolated Coffee & Tea with After Dinner Chocolates

Seascape Buffet

Cocktails on Arrival
(Cocktail’s on arrival are served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)
Choice of Three
Oven Baked Vegetable Spring Rolls w/ Sweet Chilli & Coriander
Chef Selection of canapes
Italian pizzetta w/ 0ven roasted tomato
Tempura fish fillet w/ lemon & dill Mayo
Premium Cocktail Upgrade
$1.00pp per selection to replace from the above list
Salmon Roulades
Chicken Fajitas
Peeled Chilli King Prawns
Main Buffet
All buffets served with Fresh Bread Rolls
Meat Selections
Char-grilled Chicken Breast served with a Pink Peppercorn and Wild Mushroom Sauce
Honey and Dijon glazed Leg of Ham
Beef rump steak with demi glaze sauce
Premium Meat Selections
$3.00pp per selection to replace from the above list
Macadamia Crust Lamb Fillets with potato Rosti and rocket pesto
Beef fillets baked in coconut, lime and lemongrass
Ricotta, spinach and Pine nut Rolled chicken served in a Roasted Capsicum Coulis
Marinated Seared Chicken Breast with Hokkein Noodles & Thai Dressing
Coconut & peanut aubergine curry served with rice (Vegetarian)
Potato Selection
Roasted Rosemary Chat Potatoes with garlic and chives
Salad Selection
Choice of Three
Steamed Cauliflower and Broccoli with Rocket Pesto
Mesculan leaves, Snow Peas and Sesame Seeds in a Honey- Mustard Dressing
Baby spinach with roasted pumpkin, semi-dried tomatoes and fire-roasted capsicum
Steamed Carrots and Refreshed Green Beans with a Pink Peppercorn Dressing
Premium Salad Selection
$2.00pp per selection to replace from the above list
Pinkeye potatoes, Spanish onion and fresh herbs in red wine vinegar mayonnaise
Mediterranean Salad with fresh shaved Parmesan
Fresh Waldorf salad with Apple, Walnut, Celery & Lettuce
Thai Noodle Salad
Green beans, egg and Prosciutto salad with a French dressing
Rocket, Pear and Walnut Salad
$5.20pp in addition for the 3 selections
Platters of King Prawns
Poached Whole Salmon dressed in Lime and Coriander Aioli
Platters of Sydney Rock Oysters w/ Spicy Lime Dressing
Premium Seafood

$3.20pp per selection to replace from the above list
Char-grilled Garlic King Prawns
Seared Atlantic Salmon with fresh herb lemon butter
Asian style whole poached Ocean Trout dressed in a chilli, mint and coriander Aioli
Herb crusted seasonal white fish fillet on a bed of rocket
Sydney Rock Oysters with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Cocktail Dessert

(Cocktail Dessert service is served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)
Choice of Two
Chocolate Tart
Lemon Curd Tart
Pear Tart
Apple Tart
Mini Opera
Mini Chocolate Éclair
Cocktail Pavlova

Freshly Percolated Coffee & Tea with After Dinner Chocolates

Starlight Formal Dining Menu

Canapés on Arrival
(Canapé service is served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)
Chef’s selection of taste sensations to tantalize your taste buds
Crudites topped with a selection of Humus or Babaganoush, Guacamole, Tomato Salsa & Smoked Salmon
Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Pumpkin & Rosemary Risotto Cakes served on a bed of Rocket with Garlic Aioli, topped with sundried tomato
(Served warm)
Butter flied Prawns on Mesculan Leaves with a Chilli Lime Dressing & vinaigrette (Served warm)
Dolmades on a Bed Of Rocket with red capsicum (served cold)
Creamy Pesto Linguini with Prawns
(Served warm) Maximum of 140 guests for this dish
Salad of Oven Roasted Tomatoes served on a bed of Rocket with Ricotta Cheese, Basil, Calamata Olives & Olive Oil
(Served cold)
Avocado Chiumichurri Bruschetta (served cold)
Green beans, fried olives with goats cheese & basil (served cold)
Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Slow Cooked Lamb Shank with Truffle Mash Potato & Brazed Lentils Served with Roasted Vine-Ripened Tomato
Chicken Breast on spiced pumpkin with Grilled Tomato and Caramelised Onion accompanied with green beans
Eye Fillet of Beef with Creamy Mashed, Garlic Potatoes and Mushroom Demi-glaze accompanied with carrots
Coconut & peanut aubergine curry served with rice (Vegetarian)
Roast Mediterranean Chicken Breast with a rich Tomato, Olive, & Caper Sauce accompanied with
roasted potatoes & green beans
Market Fresh Fish, Seared & then Oven Baked
* Please note: Market Fresh fish is subject to seasonal availability & due to this your fish selection may change
up until 2 days prior to your function date.
Choice of: Bream or Snapper (Please be aware that Snapper does have bones in it)
(Please note Bream is oven cooked)
On a bed of: *Steamed green beans with a dill & caper mayonnaise on a bed of rocket
* Roasted garlic with potato or pumpkin or kumara mash accompanied with green beans
* Anchovy Butter on Saffron Stained Crushed Chat Potatoes accompanied with green beans
Roast Vegetable Lasagne with light Gorgonzola Cheese served on a bed of Rocket
(Vegetarian) Option available for a minimum of 5 vegetarian guests

Each main is accompanied with freshly baked bread rolls

Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Mixed Berry Pavlova with Vanilla Anglaise
French Apple Tart on Puff Pastry with Caramel Sauce
Dark Chocolate Macchiato Tart
Freshly Percolated Coffee & Tea with After Dinner Chocolates

Moonlight Formal Dining Menu

Canapés on Arrival
(Canapé service is served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)
Chef’s selection of taste sensations to tantalize your taste buds
Crudits topped with a selection of Humus or Babaganoush, Guacamole, Tomato Salsa & Smoked Salmon

Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Carpaccio of Succulent Salmon Sheets with Capers, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil topped with a Shredded Fennel and Leek Saladette (Served cold)
Grilled Haloumi Cheese with a lime vinaigrette Served on a bed of Rocket (Served cold)
Traditional Sicilian Cannelloni with a Tomato Sauce, Veal Mince & Mushroom Filling (Served warm)
Avocado Chiumichurri Bruschetta (served cold)
Green beans, fried olives with goats cheese & basil (served cold)
Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Traditional Rosemary Rack of Lamb with Garlic Mash Potato and Minted Demi Glaze accompanied with green beans
Red Duck Mild Curry with Fresh Pineapple and Coconut Steamed Rice (Subject to change)
Roasted Eye Fillet of Beef with Caramelised Onion, Mushrooms, and Garlic Potato Gratin accompanied with carrots
Roast Garlic and Pepper Chicken on Kumara Mash accompanied with Green Beans
Tart of Roasted Eggplant, Mozzarella, Black Olive Tapenade and Red Peppers (Vegetarian)
Coconut & peanut aubergine curry served with rice (Vegetarian)
Market Fresh Fish, Seared & then Oven Baked
* Please note: Market Fresh fish is subject to seasonal availability & due to this your fish selection may change up
until 2 days prior to your function date.
Choice of: * Salmon. Barramundi or Perch (POA)
On a bed of: * Steamed green beans with a dill & caper mayonnaise on a bed of rocket
* Lemon & basil risotto and a fresh green pea sauce accompanied with green beans
* Roasted garlic with potato or pumpkin or kumara mash accompanied with green beans
* Anchovy Butter on Saffron Stained Crushed Chat Potatoes accompanied with green beans
Each main is accompanied with freshly baked bread rolls

Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Dark & White Charlotte
Tiramisu Charlotte with Vanilla Sauce
Passionfruit Panacotta with Mango Sauce
Individual Australian and New Zealand Cheese Platters
(Tasmanian Red Square Heritage Brie, New Zealand Wine Glass Bay Cheddar & Tasmanian True Blue Heritage
Blue Vein, based on availability)

(Note: This option is only available for 100 guests or less)

Platinum Formal Dining Menu

Canapés on Arrival
(Canapés service is served on platters, it is roving, served by our wait staff)
Crudites with a selection of Marinated Eggplant, Olive Tapenade,
Brie with Semi-Dried Tomato & Tomato Brochette
Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Salmon, Sundried Tomatoes and Capers layered with Fresh Pasta and Rose Sauce (Served warm)
Gourmet Antipasto Platters with: Prosciutto, Marinated olives, Mushrooms, Artichokes, Red capsicum,
Boccinchini, Rocket (Served Cold)
Balmain Bugs on Witlof Salad with Buttermilk Mayonnaise and Asparagus Spears (Served at room temperature)
Salad of Octopus & Squid Marinated in Sun Dried Tomatoes,
Spanish Onions and Shredded Basil (Served at room temperature)
Fresh Stuffed Field Mushrooms served with Seasoned Veal Mince (Served warm)
Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Olive Crusted Lamb with a Warm Couscous Salad
Choice of: * Grilled Lobster (POA) * Grilled Balmain Bug * Barramundi * Baby Trout
* Please note: Market Fresh fish is subject to seasonal availability & due to this your fish selection may change up
until 2 days prior to your function date.
On a bed of: *Steamed green beans with a dill & caper mayonnaise on a bed of rocket
* Lemon & basil risotto and a fresh green pea sauce accompanied with green beans
* Roasted garlic with potato or pumpkin or kumara mash accompanied with green beans
* Anchovy Butter on Saffron Stained Crushed Chat Potatoes accompanied with green beans
Baked Vegetable Tart (Vegetarian)
Each main is accompanied freshly baked bread rolls
Choice of 2 with alternate serve
Flourless Orange & Almond Torte w/ King Island Cream & Minted Chocolate Sauce
Passion Fruit Chocolate Tower
Selections of Petit Fours
Premium Individual Cheese and Fruit Platter with Lavosh Wafers and Crisp Rye Bread (Tasmanian Red
Square Heritage Brie, New Zealand Wine Glass Bay Cheddar & Tasmanian
True Blue Heritage Blue Vein, based on availability)  (Note: This option is only available for 100 guests or less)

Freshly Percolated Coffee & Tea with After Dinner Chocolates

Beverage Packages

Bar A Beverage Package

White Wines – choice of 2 
Chalk Hill Moscato
Colombard Chardonnay
Chalk Hill Semillon Sauvignon
Studio Sauvignon Blanc
Red Wines- choice of 2
Chalk Hill Cabernet Merlot
Studio Cabernet Sauvignon
Beaumont Shiraz
Imported Sparkling Wine – choice of 1 
Charles Pelletier or Castelforte Prosecco
Lemon/Lime Cordial
Mineral, Tonic & Soda Water
Beers – Choice of 1
Tooheys Extra Dry
Coopers Pale Ale
By Law, we do need to serve a light beer which will be
Hahn Premium Lite
Soft Drinks
Standard soft drinks
100% Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Apple Juice

*All beverage selections are subject to change at short notice due to availability **All wine vintages subject to change.

We have a range of team-building activities, entertainment and theming options to give your cruise that extra WOW and keep your guests talking long after the event:

DJ – Creating just the right atmosphere with the right music is what your professional cruise DJ does best. They are expert at helping with the formalities, organizing activities, even playing just the right songs for every moment, or you can even choose your own before the cruise. And remember, you can always bring your favourite songs on CD or IPod, that you want your DJ to play. Karaoke/ DJ options also available.

Jukebox Hire  – The perfect solution for functions where you don’t need a mobile DJ Choose from thousands of songs carefully compiled in to easy select categories or play your own. Enjoy brilliant digital fidelity and just like a nightclub, every Jukebox comes with special effect dancing lighting

Karaoke/ Jukebox– Grab the mike and get the guests involved with a wide range of popular backing tracks and the lyrics displayed full screen. Every Karaoke/Jukebox comes with two high quality mikes that can be used for speeches and Karaoke.

Live Music – The right style of music an make an event. We work with a number of highly experienced performing artists offering an extensive repertoire of music and styles: Jazz, Classical, Rock & Roll, Pop, Retro, Dance, Modern, Easy Listening, Latin, Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Soul.

Brazilian Dance Show – This exciting show is colourful, dynamic and highly energetic, with an international line-up of acclaimed dancers. The costumes are glamorous and in the best tradition of Brazilian carnival audience participation is welcomed, which ensures a memorable event for your guests. Features of the show include as selection of the following: Samba, Lambada, Capoeira, Afro-Brazilian, Salsa, Mambo, Batucada drums and Carnival parade.

Laser Clay Shooting  – This popular team-building and client networking activity is a variation on the traditional sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting using with laser equipment that can detect hits on specially modified reflective ‘floating’ clays. Teams enter a play off with the winner of each team entering a final elimination round. Trophies are awarded the best shooters. Duration 1-2 hours depending on group size.

Floating Casino – No luxury boat is complete without is own James Bond, Monte Carlo or Wild West style cruising casino, run with professional croupiers and chips and play money (even with your company logo if you want). Hold your own competition, you may even discover some card sharks in the organisation. Games available include Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and more.

Close Up Magic – Roaming magic is mind-boggling magic entertainment just inches from your face and a great ice-breaker for any style of event.
A close up magician with cunning sleight of hand will and astonish even your most cynical guests and draw guests into conversation and have them talking about your event long after they disembark.

Murder Mystery – Dying for a great team-building activity, then a “Who dun it” Murder Mystery could provide the right clues solve your problem. This is a fun activity gets everyone involved.

We’ll take care of everything as we provide a detective to conduct the investigation, theme and prizes

Mastermind Trivia – A mastermind trivia cruise is a relaxing and fun team-building or networking activity. Run by an experienced host, the mastermind quiz runs for approximately two hours and includes some interactive games, audio round and other novelty questions such as Who am I?. The quiz can also be tailored with some questions relating workplace or business goals.

Clairvoyance – A professional clairvoyant adds magic to any party. After all, no-one can resist the opportunity to have their fortune told. On-board, your guests will be enthralled by a broad range of psychic readings from tarot to tea leaves, clairvoyance to crystal ball.

Caricaturist – Put your guests in the picture at your next event with a Caricaturist/Entertainer – great  the “ice breaker”, no matter what the occasion – be it Corporate or Social. Our caricaturist brings loads of energy and humour to any event, as well give your staff or guests something to remember; a souvenir of the occasion that they can take home and remember for a long time afterwards. Weddings, Anniversaries, 21st Birthdays, Christmas parties, etc.

Pamper Package – Complementing the relaxing cruise environment on-board your luxury yacht, staff and clients can really unwind with a short relaxing seated massage. This 15 minute relaxation massage focuses on areas such as back, neck, scalp & shoulder. Guest remain fully clothed – What better way to pamper staff and clients

CONTACT US to get a quote for your cruise with an entertainment or team-building package: 02 8315 2838

This is an all weather vessel. The charter would only be cancelled in the event of very extreme weather conditions, such as a cyclone.

It is fairly uncommon for passengers to suffer from seasickness on a harbour cruise. Should the water become choppy due to windy conditions, the skipper will cruise the more sheltered areas of the harbour. However, if a passenger does become unwell for any reason, we can arrange for them to disembark at the nearest wharf or by water taxi.

Our chef can accommodate most dietary requirements. However in extreme cases we recommend passengers arrange their own catering.

Children of any age are permitted on-board with parental supervision.

There are no restrictions with regards to a Sydney harbour cruise whilst pregnant. Just ensure you notify the chef of any dietary requirements.

Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

We do offer BYO catering on some vessels. Charges may apply. Please ask us to quote on suitable vessels for your event.

Prestige Harbour Cruises can provide quotes on a selection of boats that match your function requirements and budget.

Submit a quote request HERE or contact our cruise consultants on: 1300 311 200