COVID Heath and Safety Policy

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Our vessels adhere to government and health guidelines in regards to COVID Health and Safety, plus some temporary changes have been made to our operations.

• A maximum of 150 passengers per charter

• Dancefloors are not permitted except for the bride and groom at weddings

• Alcohol can only be served to seated passengers

• An attendance Register will be required to ensure contact tracing can be conducted effectively if required.

• Capacities on the vessels have been temporarily reduced as detailed above and in line with the 4 sqm rule, for social distancing purposes. All vessels must have completed a COVID safe plan. Click HERE for updated vessel numbers

• Hand sanitation will be a pre-boarding requirement.

• Clients will be reminded about social distancing and hygiene guidelines in the crew’s safety briefing.

• Frequent cleaning will be conducted throughout the cruise with particular attention given to high-touch/ high-traffic areas on the vessel, including handrails and poles, door handles, surface areas, etc.

• A crew member will have completed ‘Workplace Infection Control’ training.

• Temperature checks may be taken on-board. If a body’s temperature reading is above 37.5 Degrees Celsius, embarkation will not be permitted.

• Employees receive daily wellness checks to ensure they are healthy and symptom-free.

• If you have guests that have recently returned from Victoria or Overseas they will not be permitted to attend until after the 14 day quarantine period

•  If you have unwell guests please advise them not to attend

• Passengers should observe social distancing when waiting at the wharf, embarking the vessel and where required on-board.